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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is ETAtickets.com located?

We are located in Indianapolis, Indiana and have been doing business in the area for over 15 years.  We started by specializing in area events, but overtime ETAtickets.com has become a National Event Ticket Marketplace!

Why do all of the tickets have different prices?

Since ETAtickets.com is an Online Marketplace for Tickets our sellers determine the price of the tickets for sale.  Since Ticket Brokers are competing against each other for your sale you will find that tickets change price and also vary in price.

Can I just come pick my ticket up?

No. We do not offer retail pick-up. In order to insure that you receive your tickets in a timely manner, most of the Ticket Brokers selling tickets on ETAtickets.com use FedEx Delivery. While in some situations, Last Minute pick-up might be an option, you should expect to receive your tickets via the delivery method that you choose at checkout.

What happens after I place my order?

After you place your order it is immediately sent to the Ticket Broker that has your tickets, you also immediately receive information for that Ticket Broker, including a phone number that you can call immediately if you have questions.  At this point your order is either accepted or rejected.  Over 95% of orders are accepted, but in some cases an order may be rejected.

Why did my order get rejected?

While we do everything we can to bring instant updates for ticket availability sometimes tickets get ordered by more than one person at the same time. In that case the tickets for the second order would no longer be available.  Another reasons for order rejection could be a problem processing your credit or debit card. In the case that an order is rejected your purchase will be fully refunded.

How do I receive my tickets?

You most likely receive your tickets via FedEx 2nd Day shipping or FedEx Overnight Delivery, a small portion of tickets are available for E-delivery, or Email Delivery, and an even smaller portion of tickets are available for local pickup which may be the case in last minute situations.

What is an E-Ticket or E-Delivery?

An E-Ticket is a ticket that is delivered via E-mail.  This usually occurs through sending a PDF file that you can then open up and print your tickets.  This is a very common form of ticketing now and a printed ticket is just the same as a traditional ticket.  If you have a hard time opening your PDF document you can utilize the free software at www.adobe.com.

Why do my tickets have someone else's name on them?

We are a ticket re-seller. So if you receive tickets that have someone else name on them that is just the name of the original ticket holder. Venues don't check ID to confirm the name so you will be just fine when you reach the venue.


We are a Ticket Broker and all tickets found on ETAtickets.com are being resold.  We are not affiliated with any box offices, venues or teams. Your tickets may be priced above or below face value depending on the demand for that event.  Our inventory does continually change and is constantly updated so make sure to keep checking back if don't find what you are looking for.  You can also call our live phone support line if you need to speak to someone about your purchase.

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